Australian Sports Commission

Member Protection Policy

The ASC’s Member Protection Policy template was developed to assist national sporting organisations to write their own sport-specific member protection policy and is one of several steps to address issues of harassment, discrimination and child protection within their organisation. Sports are encouraged to modify the template so that it reflects the needs and requirements of their organisation.

Volleyball Australia has its current Member Protection Policy posted on its web site. Click here for a copy.

The Member Protection Policy template was originally developed in 2001 and has been updated on a regular basis  to reflect changing legislative requirements and emerging issues in sport, such as use of social media.

Member Protection Policy toolkit

The Member Protection Policy toolkit includes the policy template for national sporting organisations, as well as a series of attachments that provide practical guidance about how the policy will be implemented.

You can download the compiled Member Protection Policy template and attachments or download the documents individually (see below), based on your organisation’s specific needs and requirements.

A club version of the Member Protection Policy template is also available. See attached.

• Member Protection Policy template - 2013

• Dictionary of terms

Attachments: Employment screening/Working with Children Check requirements

• Employment screening requirements

• Member Protection Declaration

• Working with Children Check requirements

Attachments: Complaint handling procedures

• Complaints procedure

• Mediation

• Investigation process

• Tribunal procedures

Attachments: Reporting requirements and documents

• Confidential record of informal complaint

• Confidential record of formal complaint

• Procedure for handling allegations of child abuse

• Confidential record of child abuse allegation

Member Protection Information Officers

The ASC has recently re-developed the national database for Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) so that we will be able to provide you with a much better level of support in the future. We are developing online training for MPIOs that will cover a wide range of issues that are relevant to you and your role. To access this training and to receive updates about member protection issues you need to register on the national database. Once you register you will also receive your MPIO national Certificate.

If you are active in your role as an MPIO and would like to receive further training, updates and your certificate, visit the MPIO Registration page. You will be asked to confirm your email address and, when this is complete, you will be sent your certificate.  For current MPIOs you will not need to input the requested codes when re-registering.